~*so this is my blog debut*~

I know I have better outfits than this but on a day as hot as this I figured it would be good to wear next to nothing. Yes I live in las vegas. Which is surprisingly less fashionable than one would think. Many heads turned as I walked around today. Maybe that was because my shorts were less than a conservative length

Sunnies: Ebay
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Tank: H&M

Cutoffs: Urban outfitters

Socks: Urban outfitters

Shoes: Converse

Belt: Thrift

The life of a Starbucks barista (my occupation) is much worse than one might think. When I am not tending to the needs of a typical caffeine crazed privileged housewife I am dealing with my own set of issues. The most important being, what am I going to wear today, granted I don't have to work later (in which case I watch TV from the comforts of my bed and don't bother with my closet). 
As you can see my room is pretty cool. 
ergo: i am cool 

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