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so today i was 'terminated' from a voluntary internship...
i went and sweated it out at yoga, lightened my brows, and used my room for a shoot since its so dayum hot outside
brought to you by Dr. Martens, and American Apparel



Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
Well I finally got a pair of overalls just in time for FYF fest in LA during the end of August. I couldn't decide which shirt to pair with the denim so I just changed half way through the shoot. I enjoyed the way the pictures turned out so much on the last post that I will continue to take pictures in this spot. It is actually on the side of my garage. My brother and his wife used this yellow tandem bike for the photo booth in their wedding.




Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
This is all from when I first got my fish eye lens. my friend Kathryn and I went on an adventure through the meadows of the Calico Basin west of Las Vegas, nestled below the Red Rocks. It was a beautiful winter day in the desert. 

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