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so today i was 'terminated' from a voluntary internship...
i went and sweated it out at yoga, lightened my brows, and used my room for a shoot since its so dayum hot outside
brought to you by Dr. Martens, and American Apparel



wurd puke

literary blurb
of my introspections
thought bulimia

this blog has been a channel for me to focus a lot of my energy for which I would seek out for 'simpler less than rewarding devices' which las vegas so often makes me want. this place has made me realize that friends really can make or break an experience in a city, especially one like Lost Vagueness. people which I can never replace, and am eternally grateful for. I miss thee.


today I went and saw Gravity, the terrifyingly emotionally draining film. 
I also had a giant plate of nachos. 
sandra bullock in the film was stuck in a void space (pun intended).
torn between fighting for survival, or let her life fade away.
 grab life by the horns, with both feet firmly planted on the ground.
as if touching it for the first time.

 Ta. Ta. 

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